Sep 4, 2007


I was cleaning out my knitting emails and came across this cute video on unfinished objects. UFO's. I do not feel so bad now about having so many unfinished projects all over creation. I am happy though that I am making progress on the many unfinished items in my knitting basket.

Sep 3, 2007

New Baby interruptis....

I got an invitation for a friends baby shower last week and immediately started knitting several of the burp clothes from the Mason Dixon book along with some matching bibs. (Isn’t this the cutest invite?) I wasn’t satisfied with that so I started to knit a blanket I saw on Tricotine’s site. I originally started it with some white Lion Brand Jiffy yarn and immediately frogged it. That yarn just about drove me nuts cos I frogged it three times before I switched yarns. I finally settled on the pound of love and size six needles. I’m glad I switched yarns. (Shawn if you’re reading this before the 15th stop so you won’t see your baby’s blanket!) The I switched to is definately gurly. If she has a boy .... I will be forced to knit a blue blanket...or better yet white cotton. I know, I know - white cotton for a baby blanket - but why not? Cotton is washable and dryable and easy to maintain. Anyway -she will have a blanket and a stack of burp cloths for the new baby.

Now that I’m about half way through this small project I will definitely complete some of the other projects I’ve started. Has anyone else started the Breeze socks in the summer issue of Knitty? I started them and was happy to know that with my limited knowledge of cables that I really was doing them right. I want to take a break from this baby blanket to work on them – but in the spirit of finish-itis I will press on with the baby blanket. Wish me luck in my continued spirit of finish all of the gazillion projects I have started. I hope that all of you are able to catch it as well.