Nov 9, 2008

I seem to have contracted starteritis again….I’m working on the Circle of Friends Baby Blanket in the book Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I seem to have a gift for knitting baby blankets because my knitting mojo won’t let me knit anything else. Once projects become non portable on the train – I put them down. I’m too ashamed to show how many projects I have going. I haven’t even put them all on my Ravelry project list. I tell you it’s just so easy to be swayed by all the pretty pictures you see on Ravelry. It doesnt help when you already have yarn designated for projects that seduced you in while in said yarn store you were only browsing in. Don't act like I'm the only one this happens to. *Big Sigh* The Circle of Friends Blanket is a great way for me to practice the Continental way of knitting. I was taught by a thrower so that’s how I knit. It’s weird for me to hold the yarn in my left hand and knit – but it seems to be a little faster than the English Style.

I have to confess….that is not the only project I’ve started. I started a hexagon blanket called Bobby’s Garden. However – I am using sock yarn. So if you have any left over Koigu PPM (or it’s equivalent ) that you don’t know what to do with (or don’t want it)– please feel free to send it to me. Shoot me an email and I will send you my address. I want to see how long it takes me to make it thru this particular afghan and will post photos as yarn arrives and becomes part of the blanket. I was inspired by The Heathen Housewife on her Mitered Sock Yarn Blanket and found the hexagons on size one needles more fun. Call me nuts – I’m sure it will take a year or more to complete this one. But the squishy warm blanket at the end is worth the time! What are y’all working on? Do you have starterisit too? Please tell me I'm not the only one with this dreaded disease...

Nov 4, 2008

Yes We Did!!!!

So did y’all Barack ya vote? Or did you have a McPalin experience at the polls? I don’t care who you voted for – I just wanna know did you vote? We went to do the early voting thing and lemme tell you it was quite an experience. We drove by City Hall on Sunday and decided to come back on Monday and found that the line for early voting was around the block! If we had stay we would have been there at least six hours or more.

We went back on Monday morning and were happy to see the line was not as long as the previous day. Well we had a heck of a time in the maze that is the bowels of City Hall. On Monday the line was started inside the building instead of around the block. Not so bad right? Yay!!!! ( I’m not really a germophobe – but why did my purse have to be man handled by the security chick who was really just doing her job but becoming a little to intimate with my purse and my knitting.)

Nevertheless – there was quite a bit of excitement in the air as people lined up to vote. It was interesting the way the voter volunteers kept the lines from full view of the voters. I think they wanted to discourage voters from giving up on the whole process because of the perception that the lines might be too long.

The wait was approximately three hours to vote – but because there happens to be so much artwork on the walls and plenty of “people-watching” to entertain us – it wasn’t that bad.

I was really happy to see people from all walks of life there for one purpose. There was a homeless woman who said she was so excited that she couldn’t wait to vote. There was a handicapped lady in a wheel chair that left because she said the lines were too long. I was dismayed when I saw her later on hanging out doing nothing but smoking cigarettes in the rain. How come we don’t have a special place for handicapped folks to vote? Yeah I know I thought about it when I saw her later on. I saw old, young, tall, short, Black, White, Chinese, Latino, Philipino, Samoan, Cuban, etc. I saw the united nations of the people here to vote. I saw people here who are tired of the status quo and the same old mess from our government. If you did not vote you missed an opportunity to make history.