Nov 4, 2008

Yes We Did!!!!

So did y’all Barack ya vote? Or did you have a McPalin experience at the polls? I don’t care who you voted for – I just wanna know did you vote? We went to do the early voting thing and lemme tell you it was quite an experience. We drove by City Hall on Sunday and decided to come back on Monday and found that the line for early voting was around the block! If we had stay we would have been there at least six hours or more.

We went back on Monday morning and were happy to see the line was not as long as the previous day. Well we had a heck of a time in the maze that is the bowels of City Hall. On Monday the line was started inside the building instead of around the block. Not so bad right? Yay!!!! ( I’m not really a germophobe – but why did my purse have to be man handled by the security chick who was really just doing her job but becoming a little to intimate with my purse and my knitting.)

Nevertheless – there was quite a bit of excitement in the air as people lined up to vote. It was interesting the way the voter volunteers kept the lines from full view of the voters. I think they wanted to discourage voters from giving up on the whole process because of the perception that the lines might be too long.

The wait was approximately three hours to vote – but because there happens to be so much artwork on the walls and plenty of “people-watching” to entertain us – it wasn’t that bad.

I was really happy to see people from all walks of life there for one purpose. There was a homeless woman who said she was so excited that she couldn’t wait to vote. There was a handicapped lady in a wheel chair that left because she said the lines were too long. I was dismayed when I saw her later on hanging out doing nothing but smoking cigarettes in the rain. How come we don’t have a special place for handicapped folks to vote? Yeah I know I thought about it when I saw her later on. I saw old, young, tall, short, Black, White, Chinese, Latino, Philipino, Samoan, Cuban, etc. I saw the united nations of the people here to vote. I saw people here who are tired of the status quo and the same old mess from our government. If you did not vote you missed an opportunity to make history.


Anonymous said...

Obama is a piece of shit, and so are you.

KnitFloozy said...

Now normally I would hunt you down and tell you about your cowardly self. A real knitter would be able to leave their name as well as their opinion. That however does not change one fact that Barack Obama is now President as of Jan. 20, 2009

urbanknitrix said...

OMG was that really uncalled for!!! GTFOH. I would say more, but um they are anonymous which mean they didn't vote and who cares - oh and you answered correctly LMAO.

Anywho, YES I voted and enjoyed doing so. We have curbside voting for the elderly here in D.C. and the disabled and seniors can but in front of the line. Glad you exercised YOUR right.

Knitterman said...

Feels good to do something so right and so important, huh? congrats to you. Live long and vote often. And ignore the anonymous folk -- such comments speak more about the person posting than anything else.

DawnK said...

I voted, too, about 3 weeks before the election. I think it maybe took 5 minutes total, for hubby and I to vote! I can't wait for January!

Colleen said...

Unless you count wanting change and making history as partisan, this was a totally non-partisan blog post.

There are certain sorts of comments that should probably just be deleted.