Mar 26, 2008

Mason Dixon Mitered Update

I almost forgot - I've started re-working my Mason Dixon Mitered blanket in two ways. First I doubled up my yarn to make it thicker. I chose not to use cotton which I am now regretting but I will finish this as a baby blanket as not to commit to the king size blanket I originally anticipated making. I am also using Kay's no sew mitered squares. This turns out to be one of the best ideas for making the mitered blankets. You just build one miter at a time and well you will have to sew a few together but not nearly as many if you didn't use this method. Scroll halfway down the pageto the May 10, 2006 entry and you will see the very long but helpful tutorial. I copy and pasted this to a word document and saved it and referred to it when I moved through the process. Instead of throwing the yarn away from the first ones that I did - I just went ahead and re-knit them into the square you see. Now that I've only got an hour or work left on the Argosy Baby Blanket - I will continue making the squares for this baby blanket and post when I get finished with this. Wow I tell you I don't think I'm suffering from starteritis anymore. Does this mean that I am cured? Probably not. But I'm getting better? Has anyone found a cure for this yet?

She's Alive!

Well, well, well. The Knitfloozy lives! There has been quite a bit of commuting going on, very little knitting. I have however been working on my WIPs from the beginning of the beginning of the year. This is Argosy Baby Blanket I thought I would never ever finish!!! When I finish the edging that prevents the curling that you see there will be a more artistic looking photo of the wonderful blanket. I will however never knit a baby blanket on size six needles again. It's just seems to take too long to get to the end. I did good though!!! I didn't start any other large projects in the mean time. I did the ball band cloths on the train because this blanket became to big to be portable midway through the project so I only worked on this in the evenings and weekends to finish. Now I just have to find a baby to give this too!

My faith in the kindness of strangers has also been restored - to often we hear of peoploe having things stolen or they've left things on the train when commuting. I left my cell phone on BART and the gentleman who found it proceeded to call everyone in my phone until he reached someone to tell me that he had it and wanted to return it. (So if I you got a call from a stranger it was him calling you to see if you know me) I received several email messages from folks saying “uh Knitfloozy – you left your cell phone on Bart – here is the contact info for the guy who found it.” I was shocked and amazed cos I never loose my phone - it seems like it should be attached to my head I use it so much. I must have been knitting when it fell outta my pocket - I mean what other reason would I loose my phone. Any who….I got my phone back in a few days and he said he returned it because someone did the same for him a few days ago. So yes there are still kind and wonderful people in the world.

More recently there was a knitter on the Monthly Dishcloth group that I am a part of and lost everything in a fire. She shared this with us because she thought that her fellow knitters would understand her loss. Her family and pets are safe. They are all happy in their rented house until the reconstruction of their old house begins– of all the things they had in the house that her husband missed her hand knit dishcloths when washing the dishes. I mention this because every single person on the list wanted to donate either yarn, dishcloths, needles, etc. I was really touched by the generosity of all the knitters across the country. I to sent her some dishcloths. I’m sure she will have enough to warm her new home.

I have no idea why I've been knitting matching sets of my take on the Ballband Warshrags. I guess it's quick and easy on the train ride to and from work. I suppose that CHP would not look kindly on me knitting while sitting in traffice. I dunno - something about paying attention to the other cars around me and moving along without hitting the person in front of me. Is there a law against knitting while driving? Probably......somebody let me know if you find out if it's illegal to knit and drive and I won't do it....

How was your Easter Celebration? Mine was great - Went to church on Sabbath/Saturday - heard some good music and good words. Went to brunch on Sunday sponsored by a local radio station and ate until...well - let's just say that I didnt feel the need to eat until about 7pm that night....A funny thing happened while I was there. They were giving out movie tickets to a movie I hadn't seen and I tell you some where deep inside my competitive spirit came out and took over. The host announced that there was something that you could find in your purse ladies....a library card. The first person to bring me one gets the movie tickets and the CD. Now Mr. Knitfloozy was laughing and asked why are you looking for your card? You don't have one. Let me give you some background - everytime I go to Costco - I have to get a new card cos I've lost the previous one or if we go shopping - I manage to not have my ATM card with me. Well while the competition got hot - I pulled out my card - ran up the stairs to the stage - in stilletos mind you - pass up another woman trying to pull her card out her wallet rounded a whole table full of women looking for their cards ran up the stairs and claimed my prize. Mr. Knitfloozy was in shock - I actually had a library card in my purse. Don't ask me the last time I used it - but I had it. We had a good laugh over that one and will go to the movies next week. It was really a classic moment in my life. He said he's never doubt me again.