Mar 26, 2008

Mason Dixon Mitered Update

I almost forgot - I've started re-working my Mason Dixon Mitered blanket in two ways. First I doubled up my yarn to make it thicker. I chose not to use cotton which I am now regretting but I will finish this as a baby blanket as not to commit to the king size blanket I originally anticipated making. I am also using Kay's no sew mitered squares. This turns out to be one of the best ideas for making the mitered blankets. You just build one miter at a time and well you will have to sew a few together but not nearly as many if you didn't use this method. Scroll halfway down the pageto the May 10, 2006 entry and you will see the very long but helpful tutorial. I copy and pasted this to a word document and saved it and referred to it when I moved through the process. Instead of throwing the yarn away from the first ones that I did - I just went ahead and re-knit them into the square you see. Now that I've only got an hour or work left on the Argosy Baby Blanket - I will continue making the squares for this baby blanket and post when I get finished with this. Wow I tell you I don't think I'm suffering from starteritis anymore. Does this mean that I am cured? Probably not. But I'm getting better? Has anyone found a cure for this yet?

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