Jun 25, 2008


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Guess Who Turned 45?

Gotcha!  I'm not 40 yet - but I did have a good birthday!  I am blessed.  My health is good. My family is good! We have our aches and pains - but you know what - we are alive!I still have living grandparents - which makes us five generations still on this planet.  I'm still in my right mind.  And most important - well I thank God for another year!  Sing a long with me now - Happy Berfday to ya - happy berfday to ya...happy berday!!!! 
I must be in a knitting rut.  All I can manage to produce right now is more and more dish cloths.  And then - only the ball band clothes. Sooner or later my knitting Mojo will return.  Hey Bean - what kind of lace pattern did you have in mind?  Maybe that will start my Mojo on it's journey back!

Jun 9, 2008

Big Girls...

Hello Knitting World! Yes I'm still working on the cotton ease baby blanket. One last row of squares to knit and then the border!!! Wahoo!!! There is light at the end of this tunnel. I was beginning to think there was none. Well I'm sure I'm not the first to cheat on a project. I needed some small gratification so I worked on a couple of ball band cloths. What can I say - I need the variety. Hello - my name is KnitFloozy and I will never be a monogamous knitter.

So I went to visit my MamaC (my mother) and GrannyFr (Grandmother) on Sunday. (Thanks for the chicken & salad MamaC) Let me tell you - when the elderly speak - you always want to listen. They have some gems for you to put in your pocket and use later on in life and some you need to heed now. And then they say some of the funniest things that leave you speechless because - well - there is just nothing else to be said.

I was showing GrannyFr how I made the the cotton ease baby blanket and she asked me a few more questions about it and said - well - I think I could knit again - I stopped doing that a few years ago.

Somehow or another the conversation shifted to weight. You know with the elderly - the conversations change at the drop of a hat so you just roll with it and act like you know what's going on. GrannyFr said "You know - when I was younger - I wanted to weigh more than I did - because I was so skinny. The girls in my high school wanted to be skinny and I wanted to be fatter. What was wrong with us? My mother told me - you are never gonna be fat so just let it alone. The most I've ever weighed is 160lbs and that is because I was having a child." Seems harmless enough right? (In my best southern belle drawl) I know I'm not a stick figure - so I'm not concerned about the direction of this here particular conversation.

However - Mr. Knitfloozy who was outside playing with MamaC's dog happened to step in the door at that very moment and as GrannyFr was getting up off the couch asked him "Don't you like your women big?" He looked at me and MamaC and PapaC and ChickenusWingus and we all started laughing. I had no words for him or a snappy comeback. He almost fell over - he just didn't know what to say. GrannyFr turned around and said "I guess I rocked his cradle." We laughed even harder. Poor thing - I just couldn't rescue him from that one. PapaC made us laugh even harder because he said, " I can't hear that well anymore - but I heard that loud and clear." It was all in good fun. I guess when you're 85 you're allowed to say anything you want with no repercussions. I'm still chuckling...