Jun 25, 2008

Guess Who Turned 45?

Gotcha!  I'm not 40 yet - but I did have a good birthday!  I am blessed.  My health is good. My family is good! We have our aches and pains - but you know what - we are alive!I still have living grandparents - which makes us five generations still on this planet.  I'm still in my right mind.  And most important - well I thank God for another year!  Sing a long with me now - Happy Berfday to ya - happy berfday to ya...happy berday!!!! 
I must be in a knitting rut.  All I can manage to produce right now is more and more dish cloths.  And then - only the ball band clothes. Sooner or later my knitting Mojo will return.  Hey Bean - what kind of lace pattern did you have in mind?  Maybe that will start my Mojo on it's journey back!


urbanknitrix said...

See why you gotta be playing!!! How old are you man, that's not fair!! And who said you were sane? I kid, I kid. Happy Bday, I hope you have many, many more.

beanchild said...

heck i dunno. i'll keep an eye out for pretty patterns. & you do the same, aight?