Jul 18, 2008

Dsylexic Pattern Reader

Is it me or are some patterns written in a language other than english? I'm currently working on the pattern BYOB from Knitty and I'm feeling pretty stupid. I had to start from the bottom up because the part for the handles just don't seem to make any sense whatsoever to me. I know that I am not a stupid person - but for whatever reason - its not clicking in my pretty little head. So what am I gonna do? Exactly what a good KnitFloozy does - we ask the LYS for help and hope they are not as cornfused about it as I am. We shall see.... And in case you're wondering - a KnitFloozy who loves bags is making hers in red because - well - it must match her favorite pair of peeptoe pumps...

Jul 17, 2008

Say it Aint So

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Hey folks! I'm still around. I'm still knitting. I'm still trying to buy food for my family. Most people don't know it - but I could eat tuna fish sandwiches daily. And I make a mean bowl of tuna. Since I make it so often - I always buy the larger cans of tuna - in water of course - oil just tastes to fishy! I know it sounds stupid but if you ever get a chance - compare the tuna in oil and the tuna in water. Anywhoo...look at the price of this jar of mayo that ususally lasts me about two months. Not a big deal. But the last time that I purchased a jar of mayonaise that size it was not $9.59!!!!! I'm pretty sure that it was somewhere south of $6.00. While three dollars may not be a big deal for one jar of mayo - imagine all of your groceries going up three dollars each! Do you know what that does to a knitters yarn budget? Ok I know knitters and budget in the same sentence is just an oxymoron - but y'all know what I mean. How are we supposed to to feed our families and purchase yarn to knit! Thank goodness for the fore thought to hoard yarn before gas became ridiculouly priced!!! Now all of those dreams of making blankets for family members may come true. I can't afford to buy anymore yarn thanks to the overpriced gas in these parts!