Dec 14, 2007

The Crazy Monkey Socks!

I've cast on the socks found here

Dec 6, 2007

Long Time No See Y'all

Where have I been? Ha! No where but the couch and the train to work. I’ve been knitting quite a bit lately and have a few WIPs. I’m still astounded by the many patterns I come across and want to knit but alas have no time or enough hands. Anyway – I’ve been working on several things – one of which I finished and passed on to the recipient yesterday – the 3rd Basket Weave Baby Blanket found here. I found some tulle and made – ok I tried to make the Tiffany Ribbon (you know the one on the little blue boxes) but I ended up just tying the knot and adding a left over pacifier to add to it. I thought it came out just ok – but the recipient was really happ and that just made my day!

I’ve also been working on two – not one but two Irish Hiking Knitting Scarves found here – it’s a great way to practice cables without knitting an afghan or a sweater. I’ll post those photos later.

I’m also working on a Noro Silk Garden Scarf found here. It’s so easy and mindless to work on while watching “24” Yes I know I’m on the late train with 24 – but you know Netflix is a beautiful thing! I don’t have to watch one show a week – I can watch the entire season at once. Jack Bauer is the man!!! Always getting folks outta trouble. I’m on Season Four and it’s starting to pick up. Anyway – if you like to watch old movies or hear about other movies you’d like to see – visit Netflix and see what they can do for you.

An last but not least – I’m working on the Big Bad Baby Blanket from Stitch n Bitch – by Lisa Shobhana Mason. The title means exactly what this pattern is. You start off knitting and think – oh this is a nice simple pattern…and it is. But it feels like you will never ever reach the end. This sucker is huge I tell you huge!!!! Forget the baby – this is a good sized lap blanket. I’m making mine from the Sugar N Cream 14 oz balls of white cotton. I decided to triple the yarn making it extremely heavy and no doubt warm. At this point – it’s almost too heavy to knit. – But since I only have about 7 more inches to go on it – I will knit on….

Read y’all later….by the way – got any good movie recommendations? The Debaters coming out on Christmas Day looks to be pretty good.