May 30, 2010


Bliss, originally uploaded by missthg.

Well Ok - I've been a bit lax on the blogging - and feel like I've hit a knitting slump. I was recently asked what inspires me to knit. Well sometimes it the strips on a bag, the colors on a shirt. I love it when inspiration hits and I have money to buy the yarn to complete the project. I have many unfinished projects because of those whims. So for the rest of the year - I'm on a yarn diet. I am going to only work on the projects I have - and I'm sure that I have plenty of yarn to finish all of my projects.

Anyway - inspiration can hit in the oddest of places. A train ride, a church dress or the grocery store. I'm not usually looking for it - so it's just one of those things that just hits me. It kinda hit me when I started making this blanket. I had on a shirt that had these colors in it.

There is some brown in there now - but I haven't taken a photo yet. I will be finishing these soon. I'm feeling like I lost my knitting mojo. If y'all see it - tell it to come home.