Jul 3, 2011


Happy 4th y'all!!! So I am almost with Dotty! Whew! I just have to do the binding. Making the cut was really scary but you know what? It didn't fall apart! Way easier than I thought. If you ever feel like you want a challenge but arent sure if you can do it - this pattern is found in the second Mason-Dixon Outside the Lines book. It's called Dotty. The pattern they wrote was not as complicated as I made this one. My mods were as follows:
  1. Cast on double the size of what the pattern calls for
  2. Used a cotton blend yarn (Lion Brand Cotton Ease)
  3. Had lots of cussing sessions for dropping stitches in weird placed (ok not really)
  4. TRUSTED the pattern to do what it said it would do
  5. Had fun and love the outcome!
Give it a try - it's very easy to do!

What are y'all working on?