May 30, 2008

Ruby for Keiv

ravelry 022, originally uploaded by missthg.

Isn't she just fabulous? A friend in a faraway land sent this beautiful hand knit scarf to me all the way from Keiv! I was sooo excited and to scared to wear it. I mean does one wear a scarf so beautiful all willy knilly? I should think not! It was cold one morning and I grabber Ruby off the shelf and boy o boy is she warm and squishy all at the same time! I was oh so grateful that day to have such a lovely warm scarf. Many compliments to the hand knitter who made this! I'm just not that' talented. Ok - it's more like I'm far to lazy to knit such beautiful lace....Ok more like to chicken....

May 17, 2008

103 Degrees and it's not summer yet!

Yes you read that right!!!! It's 103 today on May 16th in Antioch. When I went to work this morning at 7am it was only 68. We've been experiencing a little heat wave this week. I on occasion say the sugar melts in the rain but I now know that it melts in extreme heat also. I have some one more section of the baby blanket to finish and then weave in the ends. Think I'm working on it in this heat? Absolutely - why - cos it's time to move on to a new project. I'm really trying not to have starteritis...sometimes it's just better not to tempt fate with starteritis....But if you want some temptation and you live in Northern California try this place. They have fabulous fried chicken sandwiches. I am picky about food and I dont eat every one's fried chicken - but this place has fabulous fabulous food. So what you see is the Cotton Ease Baby Blanket that has one more row to be knit and then the border. But what you don't see is the millions of ends to be weaved in!!!! I will not let the weaving in of the ends stop me from finishing this no longer portable project. Hmmm what to knit next? Socks?" Probably. It's too doggone hot to knit anything else!! No I have no idea at this point. Probably more dishcloth sets....

May 11, 2008

Happy Mama's Day to all you Mama's out there!

Happy Mama's Day to all you Mama's out there....

I'm still working on the blanket from the previous post - but you know there has got to be something said for actually reading the pattern and it's instructions all the way through before actually starting the pattern. I'm a complete just dive in and start knitting the pattern. Well i don't thik i'll be doing that anymore. This cute little baby blanket is gonna become a wall hanging. Why? Ms. I can knit anything without actually reading the pattern used the wrong sized needle!!!!!!! It said to cast on with the sixes and knit with the eights! Can y'all see my blond roots showing? I feel like a complete idiot!!!!! Lucky for me I have enough yarn to actually make another - ok I have enought yarn to make about six more of these. Yeah - I know - that's a whole lotta cotton!!!! I love the Lion Brand Cotton Ease and well you know...when you shop on eBay you can never buy just one skein of yarn and well...I have quite a bit of Cotton Ease. Such is the life of a knitter.

I got some really pretty pre-planted flower pots. Yes that's what I wanted instead of the roses, birds of paradise or other various flowers! I wanted some plants that would last longer than the flowers in the vase. I forgot to take photos of them before the sun set today so I will add the photos tomorrow.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

May 5, 2008

Chasing Butterflies

Hey! Did I let the whole month of April go by with no post? I supposed that I did. Well spring is here and it's just wonderful weather! With the exception of a few days here and there it's been sunny and bordering on warm.

ChickenusWingus turned 12 in April! Wow time has really flown by. He reminds me daily that he is almost as tall as me. Like that's hard to do since I'm only 5"3'. He is a really smart kid and will be President one day. I'm a proud Mom - what can I say about a 12 year old who gets good grades and calls him himself a jerd - a jock and a nerd. His term - I didn't come up with that one. He's got a million of them.

I've knitted just a few things as my time has become limited. I was nursing a bruised ego for about the last two weeks because I did something so silly I'm almost embarrassed to tell anyone - but now that I think about it - it's kinda funny - ok maybe only in my twisted mind.

I was coming home from my long day at work and doing the usual transistion from BART train to my car and was chasing the butterflies through the parking lot. O.k. not really chasing the butterflied but enjoying the end of a long day. I had on some khakis a white t-shirt and my cute little baseball style keds. So picture me with my cool new red (is there any other color for a KnitFloozy) Jordana Paige knitting bag walking down the sideway and all of a sudden I'm on the ground. Now how I got there is still a mystery to me. I was just walking along and started stumbling - and the whole time I was thinking I'm gonna catch my balance and hope that no one saw me. Nope that was not the case. Not only did I fall all the way to the ground - but I landed on my stomach on the curb rolled on to my right shoulder and managed to knock the wind out of myself. Let me tell you it must have been one heck of a sight! Arms and legs in the air cute red bag and all contents of said red bag all over the concrete and the Knitfloozy trying to catch the next breath which at that moment seemed impossible. There were about 10 folks whom I am very grateful to helped me up - including a BART station agent. Several ladies offered to drive me home, call mr. knitfloozy and or do both. After I managed to catch my breath and make an incident report to the BART station agent I sat in my car and cried for about five minutes cos it really did hurt to fall on this 37 year old shoulder and hands and knee. I started my car and drove home to work on this really easy blanket. I know it looks like a hot mess right at this particular moment - but it will come together in the end. It's called the Cotton-Ease Baby Blanket and it's pattern is very portable at first. Not sure how much longer it will be portable. I am not crazy however about weaving in the ends of this thing. I do know that I will make another one as I have lots of this yarn in my stash already. I plan to replace the green squares with orange squares next time. Once you get the hang of the pattern it just flies by. The lady who created this pattern said that knitting backwards saved her a whole lot of time. I tried it and for me it's a lot easier to just do the purls.
Oh yeah - if you're chasing butterflies of your own - try not to land on your shoulder if you happen to be as clumsy as I am...