Oct 17, 2007

Finishing aint so bad!

In the spirit of finish-it is I have finally completed my Lady Eleanor Shawl!!!! I love it. It’s nice and warm and got lots of compliments on when I went to the Knitting& Crocheting convention in Oakland on Sept. 29th. Many ooh’s and aah’s and can I touch it – I felt like a proud mother! However, I did not add the fringe – I’m not a fringe kinda chick. But for those who did - it looks wonderful on your shawl. tee hee
So again with gauge and measuring – I had no idea it would be so big after I blocked it - I say that because I knitted two extra patter repeats. Yes I feel like I’m still learning about some of the new things that I just keep ignoring about knitting. I can no longer ignore all of the instructions that come with these more complicated patterns. But you know - since it's for me and I found that others have modified patterns they used I guess it's not really a big deal.

I am loving finishing things. I feel so much better emptying out my UFO basket.

Oh the pink baby blanket – I forgot to take a photo of it when I finished it. But the little princess I made it for will be here in four weeks! I’m so excited and cant’ wait to meet her. Here I am with her and mom at her baby shower. Her mother is a fantastic friend and will be a great mommy!