Apr 30, 2009

Yet Another Big Bad Baby Blanket

Big Bad Baby Blanket, originally uploaded by missthg.

I'm in a knitting rut so I'm knitting more of what I know to be easy. So far so good....

Apr 12, 2009

What would you do for $10?

photo.jpg, originally uploaded by missthg.

So we are out eating at a Chinese Restaurant and ChickenusWingus says - I need some money. So Mr.Floozy hands him a pepper and says eat it and I'll give you $10. This nut pops it in his mouth and starts chewing with his little chest puffed up and says it's not hot cheerfully. I looked at him and said are you crazy? Anyway about 30 seconds later this was the look on his face.

Double Orange Chicken & Rice $3.95
Eating a hot pepper $10
The look on his face and realization that the pepper is really hot....Priceless

Apr 4, 2009

16 Seamed

16 Seamed, originally uploaded by missthg.

Hey yall Im still working on the Mitered Blanket. I have learned how that mattress stitch is the best way to seam all of the wonderfull squares. That part is tedious but when I saw the blanket form I got a warm fuzzy. I am now going to work The outer squares of the blanket and then do a five stich i-cord for the border. Anybody wanna put the backing on for me? I refuse to tie up and or weave in all those ends!