Jul 27, 2009

Moving right along

Ms Liberty is back!, originally uploaded by missthg.

Ms. Liberty and I had a conversation and we decided we would give her more of a try. Hopefully I wll have this thing finished before the end of August. I noticed that I had some puckering going on and well...I have a bumpy blanket because I have a death grip on the needles and yarn that I am carrying behind it. It's an interesting learning process. I have learned that I should absolutely read the pattern all the way through BEFORE I start knitting. Anywhoo...I'm plodding right along and I'm on row 10 of the 3rd repeat. I'm at the half way point of the knitting portion of the blanket! I wasnt going to line the back of it - but I kept thinking about some nefarious nutcase accidently unravelling on of the floats on the back and all kinds of chaos would ensue because I would have to maim them for obvious reasons. Kidding....maybe