Dec 28, 2008

California Sunshine is done!

Wahoo! I finished a blanket in about 10 days! I only worked on it only on the train. This is my first yarn recycling project. Tee hee - I'm being green. I'm using some yarn that was already a perfectly good feather and fan blanket. When I made the blanket I was proud of myself for mastering the feather and fan stitch - but I was not really loving the blanket.

However - since I seem to have stolen the baby blanket mojo from Ms. Urbanknitrix I ventured out and made yet another Big Bad Baby Blanket out of the feather and fan blanket. I was surprised in the way it came together. So here is some California Sunshine for you! I was gonna give this to my neighbor who just had a baby boy but Mr. Knitfloozy said that it's not a good color for a boy so now I have to see who else could use some sunshine in their lives for a baby. So how come orange and yellow are not colors to wrap a boy in? What ever I may have to just sneak it over there anyway with some blue beanies for the boy. Hmmmm....more small projects...Nope I won't do it - justify my starteritis. It's gonna have to wait.

1 comment:

beanchild said...

that is such a warm looking blanket. the colors are very lovely.