Dec 28, 2008

California Sunshine is done!

Wahoo! I finished a blanket in about 10 days! I only worked on it only on the train. This is my first yarn recycling project. Tee hee - I'm being green. I'm using some yarn that was already a perfectly good feather and fan blanket. When I made the blanket I was proud of myself for mastering the feather and fan stitch - but I was not really loving the blanket.

However - since I seem to have stolen the baby blanket mojo from Ms. Urbanknitrix I ventured out and made yet another Big Bad Baby Blanket out of the feather and fan blanket. I was surprised in the way it came together. So here is some California Sunshine for you! I was gonna give this to my neighbor who just had a baby boy but Mr. Knitfloozy said that it's not a good color for a boy so now I have to see who else could use some sunshine in their lives for a baby. So how come orange and yellow are not colors to wrap a boy in? What ever I may have to just sneak it over there anyway with some blue beanies for the boy. Hmmmm....more small projects...Nope I won't do it - justify my starteritis. It's gonna have to wait.

Dec 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your family! Love your family no matter what!

Dec 23, 2008

Commuteritis? Starteritis? Which is it?

Is it considered Starteritis if you only work on the project during your commute to work on public transportation? See what had happened was - I have started several projects while on the train. The problem is - when they are not portable anymore - they get relagated to knitting while watching TV. Well since my hours are kinda squirrely and I don't always stay awake through a whole show - do I really have Starteritis or is it Commuteritis? Hmmmm.....inquiring minds want to know. yeah yeah yeah - I know it's just an excuse to start yet another project. Can I help it if they all look so purdy? No I can't and you can't fault me for it either. Yeah - that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Dec 21, 2008


Have you ever stopped and looked at your knitting and realized that something is actually taking shape in your hands? Just having a knitting moment while working on the Curlicue by Oat Couture. Sometimes it's hard to trust that the pattern is going to do what it says - but I am amazed almost everytime when a difficult pattern takes shape. I give you the beginning of my pink Curliecue.

Dec 19, 2008

Holiday Season

Well well well....the holiday season has crept upon us and well....I have no anxiety about unfinished holiday presents. Why? because that kind of pressure is/was ridiculous. We (most knitters) love the idea of giving our knitting away to others - not just at Christmas time. It's hard to hold on to the things we knit during the year for those we love. A spring scarf seems silly to give someone when it's 32 degrees. Anyway - my latest project is one of knitters gluttony. I have a feather and fan blanket I just don't like. I have decided to turn it into a big bad baby blanket. The thing is - what parent is gonna want an orange and yellow blanket? I'll just have to see. I''m calling this one California Sunshine. Hopefully I will be able to give this one to someone who just appreciates the idea of a handknit soft and squishy warm and cozy blanket for the newest little person in their life. Oh yeah for the gluttony part - I've also started the Curlicue Blanket. I will admit all of the WIP's for my New Year's Post complete with photos and estimated time frames for finishing them. Ha! will y'all be able to admit to your starteritis? I challenge all of you to admit all of your WIP's and see who has the most, who will finish first and NOT I repeat NOT start anything else until all of them are done.