Jun 7, 2009

Starteritis is upon me again

Starteritis is upon me again, originally uploaded by missthg.

It seems that I have contracted a little bit of starteritis again. I have more projects going right now than I care to admit. Let's see - the black and white Liberty blanket. Then there is the mitered blanket I haven't finished. Let's not forget the pink cabled blanket I'm about half way through. Hmmmm...and now I have what ChickenusWingus is describing as a Candy Corn Baby blanket. I laughed when I saw the resemblance - I don't think I'll be adding the white stripe he suggested though. I starting this one because the Liberty blanket was no longer portable. It now needs it own back pack and well just takes up too much room on the train. I mean who wants to look like a bag lady while commuting? Besides, I made a big mistake in it and had to pull it apart. I was just so distraught to watch all of that hard work unraveled!!!!! I made a mistake in one of the lines of the chart and it was just to obvious to leave it. More obvious than the first mistake. I may pull the whole thing apart and start over. The pattern deserves to not have any mistakes in it. So Ms. Liberty is sitting on the sidelines with something else until I can wrap my mind around pulling her apart. *Insert Big Sigh* Such is the life of a knitter. Until then I will be working on my Candy Corn Big Bad Baby Blanket.


cici said...

These colors are purdy..Startitis, I been there more times than I can count. Such is the life of us Knitters♥

Nik said...

omg. me too.