Jan 18, 2010

Lessons learned so far about the Lizard

Ok so some of the lessons I learned so far when making this crazy pattern are trust the pattern. I never trust the pattern and always make myself crazy when I don't. I am soo goofy - I followed the pattern to the end and couldnt figure out why I had big holes in my blanket. So in my genius while sitting next to a fellow knitter/crocheter - I talked it through and realized duh! I need to keep knitting between the brackets.!!! Whew! I swear sometimes I have my bottle of Miss Clariol's brightest shade of blonde in my back pocket! I do like this yarn and will have to buy it two skeins at a time because well - the expense is shall we say prohibitive to buy all at once! I bought the first 12 skeins and got a little sticker shock but lots of yardage. This is the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.
And if you get a grand idea like I did to make something double the size of the biggest size listed for the pattern - make sure your needles are long enough!!! I'm having a good laugh about that one. I'm anxiously awaiting my package in the mail for my size six 60 inch needles. I'm still having fun with it though.

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cici said...

Looks like you're coming along nicely. Looks like this is going to be a big project. 60 inches will probably make it go a lot smoother♥