Feb 25, 2008

Hearts of Seven

Hello again....in my hasty move and packing up all my yarn - I managed to loose my Los Monos Locos (The Crazy Monkey) Socks. It was heartbreaking to realize that someone in my house may not have known what that tangled mess was and threw it away. Hopefully one day I will run across them again one day...*sigh*....To relieve the pain of losing the monkey socks I have started these. They are called the Seven of Hearts. The pattern is easy and delightful to knit. But the thing is....I managed to skip a line in the directions about turning the heel and ended up with a tube. So I frogged the first sock and ended up doing two on two circs. This process is not as hard as I thought it was. It's easy as pie. I really thought that it would be hard or that it would be confusing. The confusion is only in my mind. I hope to be done with these by the end of the week. If you get a chance to knit any socks in Koigu your feet will definately feel spoiled. This is the best yarn to knit socks with.

A side note for the kindness of people in the world. Last week I was riding the train home and was very sick. Another passenger noticed that I wasnt feeling well and ask me what was wrong and when I told her she sat with me rubbing my back for three or four stops and rubbed the back of my coat until she got off the train. She will never know how much that was truly comforting to me. I was made sick by an eggroll I had no business eating but that's a story for another day...Anyway - that's another point scored for kindess!


beanchild said...

dude, you let a stranger touch you? oh my. you're a better one than me.
either that, or you really felt like... you felt really sick.
have a good sabbath. :)

omly said...

What a great color! I am so sorry that the directions were confusing. Is there a way, in your opinion, that I might change the directions to more clearly explain the heel turn?