Jan 19, 2009

It's Over?

So the other night I decided to have a snack of of my favorite crackers and tuna fish. Mr. Knitfloozy was eating his snack of ice cream and chocolate syrup. I was jealous cos - well I wanted some - but cant have any - tell y'all about it another day. I digress. Anyway - he made a profound but simple statement. " I hate when it's over." I looked at him and said "You hate when what's over?" He responded, "Dessert - I hate when I get to the end because it's over." I'm looking at him like he's crazy and looked down at my mitered squares and thought hmmm that is why knitters (ok just me) have so many unfinished objects. We don't wanna get to the end of the project we are working on because we don't want it be over. Could that be the root of starteritis? Could be. If you figure it out before I do - let me know. Here is my progress so far on the mitered blanket for the newest member of our family.

So far I have four blocks of four completed. I think there will be about 12 or so blocks before I create the border. I will be using the applied i-cord border in bllack to finish it off. It looks easy so we shall see. I've used about two skeins of each color so far. What are y'all working on?


Leslie said...

So that explains UFOs, sigh..

KnitFloozy said...

Yes I believe it does!