Jan 14, 2009

Mitered Blanket...

Hey Y'all! I have a new cousin! I was so exited at the news of his arrival - I thought hmm...I can try out the pattern for the mitered banket that Kay from the Mason Dixon made. I'm liking the no sew method because the thought of having to actually crochet, mattress stitch or even sew these things together was daunting. Oh by the way - did I mention I don't know how to crochet. Tee hee! So yeah I'm gonna have to figure out how crochet all of these square together. It shouldn't be hard right? I'm one of those knitter who will try something at least once or twice or three times....which brings me to the demise of the Curlicue Coverlet.

I have tried making this one about four times. Even used different colors. But I guess I'm not ready to work on this one yet. Not one to throw away yarn - I started making a baby blanket version of the Cabled Comfort Throw - does this make it my first "green" project?

So to make it a little more interesting - I'm using size seven needles and making 10 cables instead of seven. Why bother making it like the pattern calls for. It's a really easy pattern to memorize and is just enough to keep me busy on the train. I'm not sure many skeins of cotton ease that it will take - so far it's only been one skein of Lion Brand cotton ease. I like it so far. I may even make a big one like the pattern says - but I don't really like big needles - they make my hands hurts. I will see - but I gotta finish this one first.

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