Feb 19, 2009

Almost done!

Since I couldn't help but start another project, it's only fair that I show you my progress. This has to be one of the more simple patterns that I've done. I love the way that the yarn feels. I'm a cotton ease floozy what can I say! Definately the best yarn for making baby blankets. I promise to go back to my mitered blanket and the cable blanket as soon as I finish this one. Did I mention that I do not know how to crochet the pieces of this blanket together! Ha! I will be taking this over to Article Pract in Oakland for some help. I'm currently on the fourth and last piece to this blanket. I wanted to try it in a smaller size to make sure i would make the larger one. Anyone who needs some mindless knitting - this is definately the pattern for that - it's all garter stitch!


urbanknitrix said...

Wow. Your moving right a long. Awesome.

Virtuous said...

Is it done huh huh huh?? :oD

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I need your email addy (missthg rejects):

Please send me a short note with "KnitFloozy" in the subject field. Thanks!

beanchild said...

i updated my craft blog, and you didn't; neener neener neener! lol.