May 2, 2009

Liberty - Fair Isle Attempt

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Hey! I just made my first Fair Aisle and Steek attempt in the same projec t oh yeah and reading a chart. Not at hard as I thought. How come I keep stressing myself out with the instructions instead of just trusting the patterns? I seem to have knitting trust issues. Any old way - because I'm not comfortable reading charts - I just wrote down the numbers for each row. Sounds tedious? It was but you know what - it made me have an appreciation for someone who creates the pattern. That is a feat in and of itself! So far I have about 12 rows done and there are 70 rows for this pattern. It's not hard at all - just keeping the yarn from tangling is my only issue. This pattern is found in the Mason Dixon second book.

Oh yeah - Fair Isle is not hard when you only do two colors. I will attempt to do the Dragon in the book Scarf Style.. But the Dragon Scarf is one of those - I will work on it after I clear up some of these other projects that have been sitting around.

What are y'all working on?

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