May 24, 2009

Urban's Fault

Urban's Fault, originally uploaded by missthg.

It's all Urbans fault. Here I was being all monogamous to my Liberty afghan and she distracted me with these Chinese Waves dishcloths. The first time I tried these I didn't like the pattern, but now they are just plain east and great for tv knitting or sitting in a noisy room or with a friend knitting. Are we allowed to blame others for our knitting ADD? I hope she knows I'm kidding


cici said...

Ha ha too funny. I do love your yarn choice.. the colors are beautifully bright♥

urbanknitrix said...

I LOVE your colors. I am doing one for me and it is the color of your pink.

GIRL, you just gave me a great idea!! I never thought of doing it two at a time.