Sep 14, 2010

I really do have some more stuff

Hey ya'll! I seemed to have hit a knitting slump these past few months! I've only been able to crank out dishcloths. I think the stresses of life just didnt allow me to have my mind settled enough to finish anything that required real brain power! Somebody send me some kntting mojo!!!!


cici said...

I hear ya! My summer was probably the same. I think the fall is going to help. Time to get to knitting!!! You can do it... Just take a look on Ravelry at some of the projects♥

Amanda said...

Share some photos of your finished dishcloths! Once the weather cools off I'm sure that'll provide some inspiration!

KnitFloozy said...

You're right! I will share the photos in the next couple of days! I think I need to put them on ravelry as well!