Oct 4, 2010

Susan G. Komen

So this weekend I attempted to complete a 60 mile walk for Breast Cancer. I had a friend that was dear to me that passed away in May of this year to this terrible disease. I say attempted because of the 60 miles - I was only able to complete 20.1 miles. I felt like I failed for about two hours and then realized - I didnt fail - I still got out there and walked. By myself. Not with a team. No one had to tell me this was something I needed to do. Any you know what - I had a blast! Granted the last five miles uphill were grueling - but there was so much encouragement from the others who were walking and I even got pushed uphill for a few feet, and the cheering stations were awesome!!!! I plan to do this again next year and actually complete it. If you've never experienced this walk - I urge you to attend. Even though I went alone - I was not lonely nor was I alone. There were some special people that I met along the way who seemed like angels to me at the time. I met a lady names Trish who had her radiation treatment on the way to the walk. WOW! I meet another lady who lives in Santa Cruz Mountains who has lost approximately five people in her family to breast cancer. I met a lady who said I thank you on behalf of my boobies I thank you! Now that lady was hilarious!!!! Anyway - There were so many amazing people that I met - that I am just overwhelmed. There are five people who are doing every single walk!!!! That's a whole lotta walking and fund raising!!! Anyway if you know someone who is effected or a friend of someone who is effected by this horrible disease - please please please - dont hestitate to donate or participate in any way what you can. Feel free to share with your friends and family as well!

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hakucho said...

Congratulations...you did great! I'm sure your friend in heaven is very pleased :)