May 6, 2012


Sometimes we come across people in the strangest ways and they affect us in a way we weren't expecting.  Today was that day for me.  I was in the grocery store this morning with the mister. and we were doing our usual laughing and talking while shopping.  Making jokes and such - but the mister made a joke to a woman and she burst into tears around the corner.  He said oh no - she's crying!!!

We went to comfort her and she just spilled out her story.  She said that she is taking care of her father and and needs some help she has been awake for 12 hours and she was just overwhelmed.  She was taking care of her father and how her brother would come over and spend time and then leave.  She was just grateful for a trip to the store to breathe.  We let her get it all out and spoke to her until she was calmed down.  We offered to help her around the store and she said no but thank you for just listening.  She gave me a hug and blew the mister a kiss and walked off.  My heart went out to her. I can't imagine what she is going through.  I am lucky because my parents have decent enough health that they don't need my help yet.

We take our health for granted until, well we cant.  It hurt me to see someone else in pain like that - with what seemed like no resources to help get her some relief.  I will no longer take my health for granted.

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