May 6, 2012

New Nephew...

So um I haven't been here in awhile.  I feel like I abandoned my blog.  I will have to work on that.  Well um how have y'all been?  I've been in a knitting funk (again?!?). I've knit some dishcloths and I'm currently working on a blanket for my dare I say great nephew to be.  He is due on my birthday in June - so that would be cool it if he actually waited until then to show up. 

I tried to get his mom to name him Nicholas but um Dad vetoed that and said he will be named Junior - I had to try (tee hee).  Anyway this is the blanket I'm working on for him.  I may actually finish it by the time the baby shower rolls around in May.  

I can never seem to get these things done on time and maybe it's because I like the small needles.  They seem to make a squishier denser fabric.  I think the big needs are cheating - but then if it was easy for me to do - I wouldn't want to do it.  The colors are placed randomly and I used a size five needle and cast on 322 stitches and went for it.  I know it sounds crazy - but it was a pattern that had a whole lot of definition and I didn't like the pattern so I ripped it out to the border and continued on the with the colors I had for that blanket.   One of these days I will actually like to finish one of those complicated intarsia patterns that I love to start and finish before I get bored with it.  I do have one in mind that has bunnies on it.  And I do intend to finish the elephant parade - which I sadly had to rip out due to the gigantic hole in it.

So what are on your needles and hooks today?

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hakucho said...

Love the striped blanket...perfect for a boy :)