Jun 24, 2007

So I was visiting one of my favorite blogs Grumperina and she had this cool looking blanket called the Curlieque Coverlet on her site. I went on a mission like a mad woman to find this blanket – ordered it and began. Now I realize that I should have heeded the warning about it being a difficult project. That wouldn’t be any fun if I did that. I with my cotton yarn and KnitPicks needles in hand went on a mission. I completely struggled through and frogged the first section of the blanket – fourt times. Once I finished Section one – I went on to section two. This is my progress so far. I’ll keep ya updated. I’m sooo ready to pull my hair out working on this one right now. I need to concentrate on this with no one in the room. Lots of counting – but I refuse to give up on it.


hakucho said...

Please don't give up...that blanket is so pretty. I love the color...but the edging is great!

You asked me about my rainbow bib...how it worked out that way? I did nothing special, but all I can say it was shear luck it pooled that way. I do love that one. I bought another 1 pound cone to make more. Sure hope I can make it do it again.

happy knitting :)

KnitFloozy said...

i won't give up on it yet.