Jun 24, 2007


Today is my birthday!! Most people don't celebrate their birthdays once they get past 25 - which I find hilarious. I heard a lady once describe her 36th birthday at the 11th anniversary of her 25th birthday - i thought ok. So I am celebrating the 12th anniversary of my 25th brithday! I will post photos later of some stuff that I do today....I'm almost done with my Denim Lady Eleanor Shawl from the book Scarf Style by Pam Allen - editor of Interweave Knits. Down to one skein!!!!! This is soooo ecxiting! I know it's to warm to wear it right now - but this is a feat to be reckoned with. I started this shawl one week after mothers day - so I'm excited that it's almost done. Since I've been taking BART to work and knitting a lot of comments - all positive on how intricate this pattern really is. One man started to tear up because he said he'd not seen anyone knit since his mother knit in Japan years ago as a child. He said that it made hime remeber all of the good things she used to knit for him and his ster. A couple of best friends said they couldnt figure out how to do this - so I let them practice a few short rows on it. Another lady completely unrolled it and fondled it while I was knitting on the other end. I had no idea how many people were enamored with knitting. And the one day that I didn't have it with me - apparently I'd made an impression because another lady who rides the train asked me where was the beautiful shawl I was working on! I have to say - you can make friends anywhere when you have some knitting needles in your hand! oh yeah....happy birthday to me!!!


Jane's Designs said...

Happy Birthday!!!

urbanknitrix said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated). My grandmother does the same thing with her age. She says she is 35 with 40 years of experience (she still drives!!)

miss sherlock holmes 2007 said...

June 24th is your Bday?? If so that is too cool because mine is too!!!I turned 28 yeah for us.