Jul 31, 2007

Knitting bloggers of the free world….i have an illness – I discovered a name for this illness on the Mason Dixon blog. It’s called starteritis….. Does you have this affliction as well? I swear off all trips to the local yarn store – this only makes the illness worse. Why you ask – because I can’t keep my hands off all of the yarn there intent on seducing it’s way into my stash. Being broke can help this and so can not going to the yarn store. But what is a knitfloozy to do when she finds herself on this side of town to get some calm away from the storm?

I started counting the amount of unfinished projects and projects that I bought yarn for and have yet to start and yes my feelings are hurt and I too have starteritis. I right now have about 13 projects on various sets of needles. I keep telling myself that I will not start another new project until I finish them all. Has this worked? Absolutely not!!!! I seem to keep knitting myself into a deeper hole. I mean - how can one not be excited by all of the cool patterns to knit and since we only have two hands to knit with we must try to knit all of them at once. The good thing is – I’m not alone in my starteritis. I know there are many of you who have this same disease. Hopefully one day I will catch finishingitis so that I can get all rid of this starteritis guilt. *insert big sigh here* Does anyone have the cure in a bottle so I can take two and finish in the morning?


Aunt Kathy said...

Hello, my name is Aunt Kathy and I am a "starteritis".

Love it love it, made me laugh. I actually bought a bunch of needles on EBAY so I could have multiple projects going at once. My DH says there is no longer any place for him in the livingroom, so he goes fishing everyday after work and comes home in time to go to bed.

oops... If you ever find that pill.....

Anonymous said...

I waited over a year to get a copy of the Mason Dixon book from the library.
(I had skimmed through it in a book store and only saw one pattern that I wanted to knit - so there wasn't a chance of me paying $43 plus tax for it.)
But now I have it ... for 2 more weeks ... I see many, many more patterns that I HAVE to knit up.

Glad I'm not alone,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

FrugalWoman said...

Hey, knitchick, I'm learning not to have starteritis in anything. I've started doing this with my books and exercise equipment. Buying books don't necessarily put the information in your head and buying the equipment and videos don't do the exercises for you nor make the fat fly off nor the muscles bulge.

I do this by not looking at all the projects or books, but by deciding to finish just one project.

Are you able to just grab a project and make a commitment to yourself to finish that project? Can you just take baby steps? How much time do you agree to commit to this ONE project each and every day? 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes? Can you spend just 5 minutes a day thinking about the benefits of finishing just that one project? Is there someone you can finish it for?

Too many questions? Perhaps it will get you started. Just make the decision, you have the power of choice (actually, one more question, what are you avoiding by not finishing your proejct?)

urbanknitrix said...

OMG, I have it too!!! Too funny. I remember about a year ago talking about knitters who start projects without finishing and than I realized - hey, your one of those people. Bummer!

Julie in Texas said...

I have it too. So do most of the women in my knitting group! My problem is I see something that someone else is knitting and I want one too. Or heaven forbid I look at sock yarn...it just jumps into my cart (either real or virtual).

I have three pairs of socks in progress, I am making myself finish those before I go on to something else.

If you find the pill, send one my way.