Aug 15, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

I've been so busy reading all of your blogs - I just realized I forgot to post about all the cool stuff I got in my "Dog Days of Summer Swap" My pal is just so generous and we even share the same birthday! How cool is that!?! Here is a photo of the lovely box I received. Im searching for the perfect pattern to use this dishcloth yarn on she sent me! I got two not one cloth!!!! I may become a swap floozy (not ho - that implies that I will do anything for a swap) Ok that one tickled me. Thank you so much swap partner for all my goodies! She even included a minature shoe sure to enable my other fetish....loving my swap partner. I have to say though - I finally got my box together for my partner and it will be going out in the morning. I know for shame for shame....But I hope she really likes it. She is a dog lover so I included some stuff for folks who love dogs and helped with her chocolate fetish. I do believe I'm gonna be a swap lover. I really do like searching the stores and for the things that my swap partners like. Oh to be rich and afford all of the swaps that I want to do....One day...
I have no idea what Ravelry is and I had to just try to sign up. here is my status:
You signed up on August 7, 2007
You are #23623 on the list.
14281 people are ahead of you in line.
2626 people are behind you in line.
34% of the list has been invited so far

How come this silly thing never seems to change? It's been that way for the past two weeks. I'm beginning to think that y'all are making this up....Ravelry is not real. Ok - I've had a glass of haterade cos I'm not one of the cool kids on the ravelry site....

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I'm so glad you liked your package. I still have to wait to open mine because its in Wisconsin and I'm in Texas. We get to come home tomorrow. I feel bad because I can't nominate my spoiler...but she said she understands.