Aug 19, 2007

Finishing is catching on!

Apparently I’ve had a burst of finishing itis – and here is proof! I finished all the ends of all my many dishcloths that I’ve been making for most of my friends. So what did I do to reward myself with the finishing of all my dishcloths? I started making the Argosy Baby Blanket – found here in the Bernat Cotton. It’s pretty cool cos I bought the yarn on ebay about two years ago and found it when re-organizing my stash.

Now I must tell you – I hate reading instructions or working on patterns that require a whole lot of attention. I hate to admit it – but if the pattern doesn’t have an easy pattern to memorize – I’m not real interested in working on it. I see all the cool patterns that I aspire to knit and probably bought all of them so as I grow in my knitting – I will have a pattern to work on when I reach that point in my knitting maturity.

The other thing about knitting complicated patterns – I have tried using all of the cute knitting gadgets that allow you to count the rows as you knit – but nothing has worked for me better than my trusty pencil and post it. I guess every knitter has to find what works for them. Anyway – when I started the blanket the first time – I just about tore my hair out because I thought I had lost my mind completely with the pattern. Turns out it was my lack of attention to the pattern and not tracking where I was with my post-it and pencil. I think I tore it out about seven times before I put it down for about a month. Well some quiet time opened up in my schedule (ok I was knitting at two a.m.) because I refused to let myself be defeated by an easily memorizable pattern. Well lo and behold – the Argosy and I became friends! (I wish I had the same feeling about the Mason Dixon Ball Band Dishcloth) As you can see – I’ve made some progress on this lovely blanket and hope to have it finished by Christmas. We shall see.

I hope all of you had a great weekend. It was a balmy day weekend in Northern California. By the way –go see the The Bourne Ultimatum…..action from the first minute to the last. Matt Damon did really well in this movie.


beanchild said...

woohoo, girl! go on witcha bad self!! *cheering madly*

Using-her-gift said...

Good job! I need to catch that finishing-itis lol