Nov 13, 2007

Random Things

Seven Random Things about the Knitfloozy…..I’ve been tagged by UrbanKnitrix to say seven random things about myself so here goes…

1. I love to sing at the top of my lungs in my car when I’m driving alone not just the featured singer – the background parts too.

2. I love peanut butter and cheese sandwiches

3. I have a crush on LL Cool J (Todd Smith) – those dimples are just amazing!

4. I can fall asleep when DH listens to Pink Floyd in the car at top volume and not hear a thing until the album is over. (Crazy but true)

5. I have a shoe fetish (rockin my stilettos)

6. I am addicted to buttermilk bread

7. I’ve never seen Pulp Fiction all the way through – I fall asleep at the same place every single time in the same spot in the movie and wake back up at the end when they are at the diner at the end of the movie.


urbanknitrix said...

1. Me too and I can't sing a lick.
5. Most definitely!!
6. All bread - amazing I am not big as a house.

beanchild said...

peanut butter and cheese? together? *shudder* lol!