Nov 1, 2007

Tight Knitting

Hey folks! I’m still here. I haven’t been anywhere except work and home. So what have y’all been up to? I’ve been teaching myself how to read charts and how to actually follow instructions on a pattern. Some patterns you just can’t help but wing your way through and they come out just right. So in my never ending search for patterns I came across some cool socks here. KnittyCent found the coolest yarn on Esty and I just had to have that color. I got my bubble burst when I went to purchase the candy corn yarn and it had all been sold out. Needless to say I was not deterred – I have some purple striped sock yarn that I had frogged from other socks patterns I thought were boring. So in frogging the socks and thinking that I could use the toe up pattern – I managed to mangle the cutesy lace pattern beyond recognition. So guess what I did? I started over only this time from the top of the sock. Did that help? Nope! So I have put the socks down until I can figure out how the heck I can loosen my death grip on the needles and stop knitting so darn tight!!!!

In the mean time I’ve started the Big Bad Baby Blanket from the SNB Nation book. This thing is HUGE!!!! I love it though. I’m about halfway through it and I don’t think I’ll be giving this one away. ? I’ll post some photos of the progress later of the Big Bad Baby Blanket later.

This will end up being for the Knitfloozy’s lap when watching tv or reading a book. Speaking of TV has anyone seen Nip/Tuck? I love it already and it’s only the first episode! I love Christian!!!! He thinks he’s all that and it’s just not happening the way he wanted to! The upcoming episodes look hilarious!!! My favorite reality tv train wreck New York – aka Tiffany Patterson is on one of the episodes. I mean how can you watch the show and not see how twisted folks are and not just love it cos it’s not you? Y’all have a lovely knitting and or crocheting day!

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beanchild said...

what? a post with no pictures? what is this? lol!

btw, do you work your socks in a wool blend? or straight wool?