Nov 18, 2007


Ravelry…what can I say about Ravelry. Well…..I found myself lost in there for about two hours!!!! It was probably a lot longer but I care not to admit that just yet. Ravelry has made me a neglectful blogger – but I promise to change my ways. Fiber Enthusiats come together to share projects with folks all over the world via cyberspace. You could spend hours just looking at all of the beautiful handcrafted items and wishing you could touch and knit/crochet everything you see. I’ve found quite a few projects that I’ve added to my list of things to do, thus making my love of knitting even deeper. This place will definitely affect the starteritis in us all. The real querstion is – can I keep myself from becoming completely obsessed and forget that I need to eat, sleep and bath and (other real life stuff) in order to do all of the projects I see. I certainly hope so....So for now I am limited to visting the site three times a week. Keeps the foolishness at a minimum....and if you happen to look for me there I am missthg....

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