Jan 14, 2008

Cheating....Is it really cheating?

Hello again knitting family. I had a busy weekend. My youngest son M did one of those things that drive all mothers crazy - he and his cousins made plans for them to spend the night without involing Moms.. Normally this is ok – but I wasn’t thinking when I said yeah sure M – R & S can spend the night – by the time I got home – it was four kids they added another neighbor kid for a total of four kids - (and I forgot that I had to work) - leaving the boys and Mr. KnitfChick behind. Four people under the age of 11 and him. This was hilarious – while I was working and yes I was working not knitting, he was at home entertaining them on their new Wii system. I came home and thought it would be chaos but he had it under control. While they were doing this:

I had a chance to work on my monkey socks – so far I’m at the end of the foot and almost ready to turn the heel: and completed a kitchen set for some family. I seem to have gone nuts making ballband warshrags. Yes I said warshrags. I love these things!!!! And I wasn’t cheating on my New Years Knitterloution. Is is really cheating? Ok I was cheating…I even started another scarf. You know the cool one on Brooklyn Tweed’s site. The stripes are coming out pretty good and I wish I had chosen a brighter color for the second set – but oh well – I can always make another.
So on the Knitterloution tip – I finished the green ball band warshrag I was working on. I made four more squares for the mitered blanket and added four more inches to the Noro Scarf. And for the first three of you who responded to the Pay it Forward – send me an email at missthg@yahoo.com so I can forward your handmade gifts.

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urbanknitrix said...

OMG - they look like they had so much fun!!! And you are a knitting queen, I love the washrags (I call it that too).