Jan 17, 2008

Cheating on my current WIPS....

I'm trying so hard not to cheat on my current projects but I feel like it's as effort in futility.  Apparently I have mixed emotions whenever I finish a project so I start another so my needles won't feel lonely.  Speaking of which – I have more warshrags than I know what to do with.  I didn't realize that I made so many.  I suppose I will have to share them with my family.  Family if you're reading this you may get some warshrags in the mail.  Please do not think they are too pretty to use – they are for warshing the dishes!  They are 100% cotton – and when you wear them out I will make you another one.


When I was working on the Brooklyn Tweed Noro Scarf I bought a pair of Rosewood needles on a whim.  I was seduced by the warm texture of the needles and the newly purchased skeins of Noro that I purchased for the scarf. (This is why I am not to be trusted in a store full of yarn and needles.)  I know I'm not the only one who likes to touch the yarn and sigh when I feel all of the different textures – isn't it easy to get excited by new yarn? Never mind all the other stuff in the storage closet that excited me to at one time and has now lost its lustfulness.


  Well that love affair is over.  I kept thinking that I could use them with every yarn – NOT!!!!!! I tried to make yet another warshrag with them and the cotton yarn kept grabbing the needles and gripping them so tight I could barely move the stitches across the needles.  Not to mention after using the KnitPicks Options – I was spoiled by the slick texture and the short needles.  I felt like a complete klutz with my fancy needles. The ends kept getting caught in my long sleeved shirt.  I had the complete look of an idiot with pretty sticks and yarn in my hands.  I may have to start using them as hairpins or even worse….decoration. 


Currently on the needles……Noro Scarf (Brooklyn Tweed & Black Dog Designs), yet another ball band warshrag, Mason Dixon Mitered Blanket (square #20), and a blanket I can't seem to remember the name of at this particular moment that may be frogged in favor of a simpler mindless pattern oh yes and one Los Monos Locos Sock – hopefully I won't succumb to the dreaded second sock syndrome.


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beanchild said...

a-ha! for the record, i only have 2 projects going, and 1 or both of them will be done and done this weekend. yes! i am SO looking to put them to bed and start something new.